Wireless collaboration technology for homes, schools and businesses.

Device Screens

Technology to go nuts for

The way you interact with devices is about to change forever. Discover why millions of people use Squirrels technology.


Wirelessly present any Mac or Windows computer screen in seconds. Ideal for businesses and schools.


Manage and monitor student devices.

Reflector 3

Turn any Mac or Windows computer into a screen-mirroring receiver.

Reflector Teacher

Turn any Mac or Windows computer into a screen-mirroring receiver for the classroom.

AirParrot 2

Screen mirror and stream Mac, Windows and Chromebooks to your TV.


Stream from a Mac to your TV.

Powerful technology made for you

Squirrels technology is all around you. It facilitates how the world does business, how people learn and how we enjoy our leisure time.


See why collaboration hotspots like schools and universities rely on Squirrels technology to present and manage devices.

OEM Partnership

Want to license our proprietary screen-mirroring technology? Let’s talk.


Discover why professionals depend on Squirrels technology to wirelessly present their screens in any meeting..


Learn how home entertainment is better with media streaming and screen mirroring technology from Squirrels.

By the numbers


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countries around the globe


classrooms utilize our applications


of licenses used in households and businesses

Meet Squirrels

Squirrels LLC is committed to improving how people present, collaborate and interact with the devices they use every day through the use of cutting-edge and easy-to-use software.

The company is supplying the world with long overdue alternatives to outdated HDMI/VGA cables, overpriced hardware and under- performing technology. A number of first-of-its-kind software advancements have solidified Squirrels as a world leader that continues to redefine the limits of wireless collaboration, presentation and device management.

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